Euthanasia and Body Care

After all options have been exhausted or when your pet simply tells you it’s time to let him or her go, Turkey Creek Vets can help you provide a humane solution. We never like to say goodbye to our friends and clients, but sometimes it is the best way to show them we care. Our euthanasia procedures are completely painless to pets, and work within a few minutes to ease your pet’s death.

If you need to have your dog, cat or other pet euthanized (put to sleep), please try to make an appointment. Explain to our staff that your situation and see if there is an appointment available first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. This will allow you as much time as you feel you need to say goodbye. When you schedule your appointment, or during your visit, please let us know whether you’d like to take your pet’s body home for burial or if you would like us to have your pet buried or cremated (we can return cremated remains to you for honorariums/urns/etc.).

We understand that this is a difficult decision and time for you and your family. But you’re a part of our family too… Should you need additional assistance coping with the emotional aspects of your pet’s death, we recommend the following grief counseling services:


DISCLAIMER: The State of Florida requires that all euthanized animals be disposed of in a hygienic manner. If you choose not to keep your pet’s remains, they will be collected by a licensed animal burial/crematory service.

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