During our examination of your pet, we will evaluate various bodily systems to determine overall health and physical condition. This usually includes, but is not limited to:

  • Skin and/or haircoat
    • Healthy pets have smooth, shiny coats and soft skin free of cracks, lumps or sores
    • Clean, healthy skin and hair will have minimal odor or scent
    • General assessment of hydration
  • Eyes, Ears and Nose
    • Eyes should be shiny, moist and clear, with minimal (if any) redness and a centered focus for both eyes
    • Earns should be clean, dry, and free of odor, discharge, redness, or sores
    • Noses should be moist and clean, free of discharge or bleeding
  • Mouth
    • Clean teeth are white, have minimal tartar (yellowish brown buildup) and hold tight to gums
    • Gums are pink, not red and respond quickly to pressure (an assessment of heart and circulatory health)
  • Body
    • Evaluation of ease of breathing and rate of normal respiration
    • Gentle assessment of abdomen for lumps, masses, discomfort, pain or swelling
    • Reading of pulse rate, strength and consistency
    • Internal temperature reading

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